What sets Manaka apart from all other peacock bass destinations?

Besides the enviable comforts of the lodge, Manaka is the only fishing lodge on the Orinoco/Ventuari river system. This means that you and the other Manaka's guests will be the only fishermen using this vast and untapped fishery. You must see the area from the air to fully comprehend the enormity of the river drainage. The unique combination of isolation, comfort, unlimited fishing area, and a strict catch-and-release policy provides the optimum situation for catching the greatest possible numbers of trophy peacock bass.

What type of fishing conditions am I going to meet at Manaka?

Once you experience the inconceivable surface strike of the peacock bass, you will probably want to concentrate on top water fishing most of the week. There are several options available to the angler that you may want to consider. Trips offer the angler wonderful scenery and the water is never rough. Those who decide to fish the lagoons can stay out all day, enabling you to fish longer and boatride less. Also, we provide proximity to virgin waters.

You will expect to catch more than 25 peacock bass per day; they will be anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds! The "Pavón", peacock bass in Spanish, is a Cichlid, and there are three different species at Manaka. The Cichla nigrolineatus or Royal Pavón, it averages about five pounds, and has a central uneven horizontal black line on both sides of the body that runs from the gills to the end of the dorsal fin.

The Cichla orinocensis or Butterfly averages about four pounds, is the most abundant: it has three ocellates spots, which run along its lateral side. 

And there is the Cichla temensis. Spotted or Deer, Cinchado in Spanish; it has an unmistakable mottle patch directly behind the eyes. Also, four horizontal dotted lines on both sides that tend to disappear when the fish gets over 20 inches, approximately, then, three wide vertical black will appear on both sides. This is the biggest of them all reaching over 20 pounds.

There are other fishes that you will be able to catch during your stay: The sable tooth "Payara", a strong fighter that will make acrobatic jumps and can reach over twenty pounds. "The Sardinatas", also called "the leaping maniac" are found in large schools. The "Piranhas" found day and night can weight from one to three pounds. "Morocoto" is like a large bluegill that can reach over forty pounds. Then there are the different types of catfish or "Bagres" where some, like the "Lau Lau", can reach up to four hundred pounds.

See why Manaka is the Best Place!!!

 "Frank great fishing and very impressive people. Best of luck. "
Ted Juracsik, Chokoloskee FL

"Dear Patty & Gustavo-

I sign this book with humility, in one day Frank & I caught 101 fish. Yes, 101 with witnesses. Modesty prevents me from telling you more.

Except, once again, at Manaka I had a glorious time. Thank you so very much for all the treat you both did to give this old guy relaxation, thrills, and best of all time with friends.

George Bush

P.S. Please call the El Nacional when you get back to Caracas to be sure all Venezuelan remember "1-0-1". May the record stands for ever-.

With modesty, "

January 14, 2002
George Bush
"Frank, as always my clients and I enjoyed our trip to Manaka. The staff & service continue to be outstanding and the fishing superb. Will see you in a few weeks.
Gary Laden


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Been to many fishing camps, but this one Top them all. Fishing with a Fly and catching dozens of beautiful bass each day was great. All the personnel, food, guides, lodge are tops. What a Wonderful place to stay and fish with friends.

  January 20, 2004
R. Wayne Harpstein
Spruce Creek, Pa.

Pocas oportunidades se tienen para conocer un Paraíso como este, por eso muchas gracias a todo el grupo de Manaka. Por el servicio que nos dieron, el cual fué realmente grandioso. Los guías son realmente buenos, gracias por los sitios de pesca, la comida tan bien preparada por Jean Claude y el servicio de Gilberto, a todos gracias. Hasta la próxima oportunidad.

Enrique J. Fraga S.
Cagua, Venezuela.

What experience, the lodge, the food, the service, and do I need to say anything about the fishing and guides, the best anywhere. Thanks for the memories; this is truly a "Top Note" operation.

  January 11, 2004
Terry Arnalt
Outdoor Connection
Marshfield, Mo.


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  Our greetings to the staff of Manaka, they do such a great job of making us feel at home, however the weather at home in Minnesota this week is 0° and snow. The camp is kept up very well; the location on the river is super.
You can't beat the food - this would be great 5 Star rest. Let alone a fishing camp the fishing is what we came for and it turned out to be much better than expected. These are "bad fish"and give the best fishing equipment a work out.

Thanks for the experience.
  Jan 11, 2004
Frank Launstein
Minneapolis, Mn.

La magia de Manaka sigue funcionando. En esta, mi tercera vez, estuve cerca del Paraiso…que fue hace mucho y sigue siendo.

Michel Abisman
Caracas, Venezuela.

"Many big Pavon this year with 38 over 10 pounds with only 7 people in the camp. Trip to the Yagua was memorable- we hooked/saw at least 10 Pavon over 15 pounds. Frank- Keep up the good work!"

Steve Trask
Paris, TN

Another awesome year at Manaka. Our group landed 30 Pavon over 10 pound sthis week with several over 14 pounds and 2 over 15. Rio Yagua was a great experience as well, - camping out in tents in the jungle. Frank, Gilberto and staff are always on top of everything. My 9th trip here and I will be back next year.

Steve Trask
Paris, Tn.
P.S. - The giant 75 pounds "Bagre" catfish was amazing! We will get a bigger one next year.

Frank, it was great to see you again my friend. As always, I can not say enough about the staff service at Manaka. The guides continue to improve each year, are fantastic. I was delighted to witness the catch of a 20 pounds this year by a first-time client, see you next year. "

Gary & Susan Laden

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Fishing: January to April.

Fishing Rate:

Doble occupancy. $ 3,200 per person.
Price based on a Saturday-to-Monday basis: 10 days / 9 nights, six full days of fishing.

Rate Includes:

Assistance at the airport and all ground transfer.
First and last night at Tamanaco Inter-Continental Hotel in a double occupancy room.
Six full days of Peacock Bass fishing.
All meals and accommodations at Manaka with mineral water, soft drinks, beer.
Fishing permits, boats, electric motor, one guide per two anglers.

Note: Does not include the charter flight and Hotel meals.


Day 1.- Arrival. Our representative will meet you at the airport and will then transfer you to the Five-Star Tamanaco Hotel, where, you will spend the night in a double occupancy room.

Day 2.- Transfer to the airport for the charter flight to Manaka. At arrival, you will have a briefing about the camp, it's service, meal hours and information about fishing and best lures. After lunch, you will have time to rest and to prepare your fishing tackle for the next six exciting days of peacock bass action. There will be no fishing on this day.

Day 3,4,5,6,7 And 8.- Full days of fishing.

Day 9.- After breakfast, then you will take the charter flight back to Caracas and to the Tamanaco Inter-Continental Hotel.

Day 10.- Transfer to the International Airport for your return flight.

Transfer by charter:
Route: Caracas-Manaka-Caracas
Capacity: 10 persons
Rate: $750 per person

Other options for smaller group of anglers or shorter fishing programs can be arranged.

Domestic and local charter flights for smaller groups are available.

You could fly back to USA on the same day you leave the camp.

Please, get in touch with our office, we are able to design any fishing program to serve you better.

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