Boats & Fishing Gear

Our boats are: V-16 Tracker equipped with:
-40 HP motor
-Custom console and windshield
-Electric trolling motor
-Live wells
-Bilge pump
-Abundant storage
-Marine grade carpet
-Running lights

The fishing gear and tackle can be divided in two main categories: For bait casting or spinning and fly-fishing anglers.

We recommend the following:

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Casting Equipment:

-Medium heavy action rods.
-Heavy-duty casting reels, which are more accurate than spinning reels.
-Fishing lines between 15 and 20-pound. Wire leader for "Payaras"
-Top water lures: Peacock Bass Lure, Amazon Ripper, Big Came Woodchopper, Zara Spook, Pop R, Bill Lewis Slap-Stick and Herddon Torpedo.
-Sinking Lures: Rat-L-Trap, Rebel Minnows, Silver Spoons, Rattl'n Rap, Bomer Long "A" Minnow, Sea Bee, Javelin and Sugar Shad.

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Fly Fishing Equipment:

-Generally, a # 9 weight, 9 or 9 1/2-foot stiff fast action rod. Some prefers a #10-weight rod for larger flies.
-Reels must be smooth with tight drag for a strong short run.
-Fly lines must be saltwater taper, weight forward floating lines and a high density full
sinking line.
-Leader, peacock bass has no problem breaking a 20-pound test tippet and they are not leader shy at all.
-Top Water Patterns: Balsa-Wood or Closed cell foams saltwater popper, Popovics' Silicone Mullet, Megafly, Super Swimmer and Shieabou Shad.
-Subsurface Patterns: Streamers, Jungle Bunny, Epoxy Prism, Taper Zonker, Popovics' Sea Candy, Lefty's Deceiver and Clouser Minnow.

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