What about local cultures, birds, and wildlife?

Cultures: There are three separate Indian tribes living close to the camp. The Piaroas, Guahivos, and Banibas tribes all represent a tangible testimonial of a "primitive" culture's struggle to be integrated into a "modernized" world. Like taking a step back into time, Manaka guests have a rare and special opportunity to witness a cultural phenomenon reminiscent to that of the American Indians at the turn of the century -- suddenly immersed into a culture much more "advanced" than their own.

Wildlife: When you mention the word Amazon, most people tend to envision the stereotypical Tarzan movie -- a tropical fantasy land with an endless number of brightly-colored birds raucously frolicking through a lush carpet of thick vines and sky scraper-sized trees. In reality, the rain forest is one of the most environmentally demanding ecosystems on earth, where natural selection has allowed only the fittest to survive. During the wet season, high water dissipates food resources and creates lean times for animals and man alike.

The wildlife of the Orinoco basin is composed of a wide range of jungle creatures as shy and elusive as anywhere on earth. Although quite common, tapir, capybara, lapa, picure, jaguar, peccary, and ocelot are all nocturnal. This is not to say that you won't sometimes catch glimpses of them, but generally, the jungle is so thick that it is hard to get a good look at them.

Birdlife: Around the camp there is a wide variety of birds. The most common and colorful are aracaris, toucans, macaws, parrots, honeycreepers, fruiteaters,  eagles, kingfishers, herons, parakeets, etc. There will be an opportunity to see migratory birds in certain seasons.
Those wishing to enjoy birdwaching will be able to see higher concentrations of birds in some of the secluded marsh areas, such as antbird, manakin, etc.

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